Antennas and Ground Welcome
May 09

Notes from the 6 May 2008 meeting

Appeal for the Science Museum

  1. Attracts museum patrons. The discussion was that the station needed to be “cutting edge”. Ideas included things connected to computers, APRS, PSK, packet, CW sender-reader, satellite connection.
  2. Related to radio most people use like cell phones and WiFi.
  3. Educational, a clear role of the museum, especially with all the school field trips to the museum. Demos suggested: wavelength demo, wave functions with strings, suspended slinky, a tone sung into an oscilloscope, valves as demo of transistors, physical crystals.

Appeal for Ham Volunteers

  1. HF operations for those without stations at home. Typically morning are very busy with the afternoons more likely to be open to making contacts.
  2. A teaching gig, the most important role for ham volunteers. It’s a chance to share accumulated knowledge and inspire youngster to get interested in science and engineering.
  3. Attract new hams.
  4. Get together with other hams just for the fun of it.

Getting Started

A portable, lockable cart with a radio as a trial. Kind of like the kind you see in a shopping mall.

All the club reps applying their imaginations to this project.

Based on imagined station, build a proposal to the science museum management.

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  1. admin Says:

    That’s great Bruce! Other members of the Committee are invited to add comments and ideas between now and the next meeting so we can keep up to date. We will eventually have our own web site or just post on this one if all agree.

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