License Classes

Get on the Air with Ham Radio!

Why should you get your ham radio license? Consider this:

  • Ham Radio invented the Chat Room almost 100 years ago and it didn’t even need the internet!
  • Hams were the first “geeks” to organize their own “users group”, the ARRL, and have lots of kewl, techy toys and tons of knowledge - build your own transceiver and talk to someone in Europe, Costa Rica or even California!
  • Much of Ham Radio is now very high tech and involves projects by Open Source groups developing “Software Defined Radio” on Linux, Mac and other Operating Systems!
  • In fact Ham Radio was the original “Wifi” - hams do all kinds of interesting things with their radios, not just chewin the fat! They send them up in the stratosphere in balloons, launch them in amateur rockets, put them in robots - the sky’s the limit!
  • Plus - Ham Radio operators are the “first on the scene” during disasters providing critical emergency communications for local government and  relief organizations like the Red Cross.
  • Your license means that you are officially part of FEMA, VDEM and the Department of Homeland Security
  • Ham Radio has been responsible for a major portion of radio and electronic engineering breakthroughs for almost a century!

So take this opportunity to join us on the very bleeding edge of technology, support your community as a volunteer and exchange ideas with other like minded  all over the world in the original “Chat and Twitter” medium - Ham Radio!

It’s a Contact Sport!

Classes Start Sept. 15 - and kids of all ages are invited - so come join us!
Register on September 8th at 7:00 PM at:Bon Air United Methodist Church
1645 Buford Road
Richmond, (Bon Air), VA 23235
The cost is $35 which includes the textbook at a discount as well as the class fee.

For more information contact::
Rob Thomas, KC4NYK

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