Suggested Practice Order

W I . N J E F 0 Y ,
V G 5 / Q 9 Z H 3 8
B ? 4 2 7 C 1 D 6 X

  • Deselect "All Letters", "All Digits" and "All Symbols"
  • Select "Selected:". Then type the letters you want to practice into the pink box under "Selected:"
  • Note: You can block copy the lines in the "Suggested Order" paragraph below and paste them into the pink box - the spaces don't matter.
  • Next select the "Random" button at the top and your desired speed. You can leave the Farnsworth speed at 18wpm because you are not listening for "dits" or "dahs" - you are listening for letter patterns.
  • The program will then start sending random groups of 5 of your chosen letters until you hit "Stop". You can then compare what you copied to what is on the screen and then "Clear".
  • Start with 2 letters (following the prescribed order is preferred), when you reach 90% proficiency add another one. In a week or so you will amaze yourself!

Reportedly this is how the railroad trained the telegraph operators who had to be able to copy - to EAT! Not a bad incentive! SO - it really works! Bon Appetite! - KC4NYK

Morse Code Practice Java Applet

The Morse Code Practice Java applet requires your browser to support at least Java JDK 1.1.5 or later. AOL 4.0, Netscape Navigator 4, and Microsoft Internet Explorer 4 and later versions all support this version of Java.

This applet is an improved version of the original applet. However, it uses non-standard Sun Microsystems Java I/O libraries and may not work with all Java capable browsers. If your browser does not support these libraries, it will not work.

The applet builds Morse code character sound files in memory instead of loading individual sound (.au) files for each Morse code character sound over the Internet. As a result the applet loads very quickly compared to the original version. It also allows the Farnsworth speed of the Morse characters to be set.

Hint: You can copy and paste text from other documents into the work area. In the text mode you will hear the Morse code for the words you entered.

If Java is not working or the app is blocked do the following::
  • Make sure your Jave Runtime Environment is up to date
  • Then go to Control Panel (on Windows anyway) and add this site to your allowed sites for Java
  • You may get a warning stating that HTTP sites are potentially dangerous - We're not! :)
  • Restart your browser (we recommend Firefox)
  • Every time you visit the page or run the Morse App, you will have to click "Run" on the popup window.