Virginia Air & Space Center Ham Radio Exhibit

  Virginia Air and Space Museum Ham Radio Exhibit Temporary location while roof is being fixed, and antennas are dismantled so not on the air. J. W. Timing was perfect and a group of school kids showed up. Wally sadi after 10+ years of experience, the secret is to gauge the interests and attention spans of the audience and which age group they comprise. They can then be given information on Ham Radio that will be relevant to their understading level. Center area containing video connected to buttons pushed reveal historical highlights of Hm Radio. This will be redesigned when the exhibit is relocated back to it's original location in the Main Hall.  

  They have questions - Wally has answers! The center has quite a good relationship with NASA and has been in regular communication with MIR, ISS and Shuttle missions for educational purposes and on a first name basis with mission crew a surprising number of whom are hams! They have amassed quite a broad collection of Ham Gear from 1918 to present. Some presented by families of well known hams in the area. One problem is finding enough volunteers to be available at daytime hours (the museum closes at 5 PM )  

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