The "Cub" meets "The Cubs"

The cubs were GREAT! First they learned "AT" or "didaw daw", which they all repeated with much enthusiasm and then added C, B, R for cat, bat and rat. All furry mammals - observed one cub! And then Zan asked for an H to spell CHAT! It didn't take long to make a connection to what was really going on here - Chatting without a computer!
How kewl is that?
Even the dads and moms were impressed. The MFJ-"Cub" (is that a coinky dink or what?) was really delivering some awsome CW with just my YO-YO-VEE antenna with only 10 ft of wire looped over the blackboard. Wow! That little unit never fails to surprise me!

Next time - Crystal Radios!

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